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# HH living in backyards Strong Evidence

The number of households residing in backyarder shacks across the entire city.

SDF 2019/2020 49 000
2001 - 2011 Backyarder Growth Rate Strong Evidence

The growth rate of households living in backyarder shacks is calculated by comparing census 2001 and 2011 data.

HDA Report 2013 6%
% of Provincial total Strong Evidence

This figure indicates that 47% of backyard shacks in the Eastern Cape Province is located in East London.

IDP 2019/20 review 61%
Does the council have an official backyarder upgrading strategy? No Evidence

Every city with a significant proportion (more than 5% of total city population) of backyarders should have a strategy to improve the living conditions of people living in backyarder shacks articulated in their core municipal doucmentation.

BEPP 2019/2020 review; SDF 2019/2020 Small scale project mentioned to collect data on backyarders. Awaiting guidance from NDHS on the provision of services to backyards
# of people living in backyards Strong Evidence

By multiplying the number of households with the city's average household size according to census 2011 data, we get a sense of how many people live inbackyarder shacks.

SDF 2019/2020 166 600
% of municipal population Strong Evidence

This figure represents the proportion of the city's population living in backyarder shacks. In other words, a bit less than one in ten people live in an informal settlement.

Census 2011 4%
What services are provided to backyarder shacks? No Evidence

Every strategy should be clearly state, without ambiguity and uncertainty, what the city's strategy of improving backyard shacks is. In this way, citizens can hold their governments to account.

IDP 2019/20 review; SDF 2019/2020 Awaiting guidance from NDHS on the provision of services to backyards
Has a department been assigned to take responsibility for the strategy? No Evidence

A leading department needs to take responsibility for the strategy.

BEPP 2019/2020 review N/A

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