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Is there evidence that projects have been prioritized in other marginalized residential areas (not identified as informal settlements)? Strong Evidence

Metros should have a strategy of development in other marginalized areas, as these are often areas of informal infill development, including backyards

BEPP 2020/21 The NMBM undertook, through the CSP, a Housing Strategy Review, to prioritize delivery of high density housing within UNS priority areas.
Is there an indication that priority informal settlement upgrading projects are located in the city's urban network strategy? Strong Evidence

It is important that informal settlements benefit from the renewed focus on infrastructure expenditure in the urban network.

BEPP 2020/21 Informal Settlements Upgrading Plan
Is there evidence that the majority of priority informal settlement upgrading projects are located in the urban network? Strong Evidence

The extent to which prioritised projects are included in the urban network.

BEPP 2020/21 Urban Network Strategy maps indicate that them majority of prioritised projects are included in the urban network.
Has a department / service provided been identified to take responsibility of the strategy? Partial Evidence

Institutional capacity is needed to manage the land strategy.

BEPP 2020/21 Metro Police
What is the nature of the land strategy with regards to informal settlement upgrading? Partial Evidence

Is the land strategy preventative or enabling in nature?

BEPP 2020/21 Forward planning, land use planning and enforcement, land procurement, in-situ upgrading
Have risks of unlawful land occupations been identified? Partial Evidence

Risks of unlawful land occupations often times justify anti-poor policies

BEPP 2020/21 Yes, a high risk of land invasion has been identified
Is there a clear indication that the city government has adopted a land strategy with regards to informal settlements? Partial Evidence

Even though the city government might have a land strategy, it might not benefit informal settlement residents.

BEPP 2020/21 "Facilitate the development of socio-economic facilities and amenities in various areas, in particular less privileged areas of the metro"
What are the components of the land release strategy? Strong Evidence

Each city should indicate what measures it is taking towards realising the land strategy.

BEPP 2020/21 Land release for informal settlement upgrading and housing
Does the city council have a land release strategy in place? Or is there a strategy being compiled? Strong Evidence

An overarching strategy for land acquisition and release for housing and informal settlements indicates forward planning

BEPP 2020/21 A draft Nelson Mandela Bay Municipal Land Strategy exists for the assembly and release of land

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