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Is the city government likely to reach its delivery targets this year? Partial Evidence

The likelihood of reaching targets is determined by calculating the expenditure

Annual Budget 2022/23; BEPP 2022/23, IDP 2021-2026
Does the expenditure align with the budget and delivery target for the previous year? No Evidence

What is the percentage of actual expenditure vs. budgetted expenditure, against the annual target?

Annual Budget 2022/23
Is there an indication that NUSP (Department of Human Settlements) technical support to the city have been incorporated into planning? Strong Evidence

NUSP/HDA technical support was provided to all cities (and many other municipalities).

BEPP 2022/23, IDP 2021-2026
Are projects prioritised according to NUSP technical support? Strong Evidence

There is a high likelihood that NUSP technical support to prioritised projects resulted in more detailed planning, and needs to be incorporated.

BEPP 2022/23, IDP 2021-2026
Are the specific settlements identified? Strong Evidence

Identifying prioritised settlements indicates the city government is making progress.

BEPP 2022/23, IDP 2021-2026
MSTF annual target Partial Evidence

What is the annual target to upgrade settlements to Phase 3?

BEPP 2022/23, IDP 2021-2026
Is there a breakdown of progress towards upgrading informal settlements to Phase 3? Strong Evidence

Is there evidence that the city is reporting on incremental developments?

BEPP 2022/23, IDP 2021-2026
Does the strategy mention national government / MTREF targets towards 2024? Partial Evidence

In 2019 the National Department of Human Settlements committed to upgrade 1 500 informal settlements. Does the city take these targets into account?

BEPP 2022/23, IDP 2021-2026

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