The Data Index presents our analysis of eight cities’ strategies and plans to improve informal settlements and backyards.

Progress to MTEF Targets

The NUSP and HDA both provide technical assistance to local and provincial governments in undertaking planning with communities with regards to informal settlement upgrading. This is often done through capacity building programmes for relevant government officials and project development for more integrated planning approach.

  • Integration of NUSP/HDA technical support in ISU strategy
  • MTEF Upgrading Target
  • Likelihood of reaching MTEF targets
Evidence of
Partial evidence of
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Viewing results for: 2023/2024

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BCM cct emm eth jhb mmm nmb tsh
Does the expenditure align with the budget and delivery target for the previous year?
Is the city government likely to reach its delivery targets this year?
Are the specific settlements identified?
Are projects prioritised according to NUSP technical support?
Is there an indication that NUSP (Department of Human Settlements) technical support to the city have been incorporated into planning?
Is there a breakdown of progress towards upgrading informal settlements to Phase 3?
MSTF annual target
Does the strategy mention national government / MTREF targets towards 2024?