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MSTF annual target Strong Evidence

What is the annual target to deliver serviced sites?

National Treasury evaluation, 2016 19,045 households per annum
Likely to reach the target? No Evidence

Is the city government likely to reach its target by 2019 based on annual delivery rate?

National Treasury evaluation, 2016; IDP 2019/20 Review Target not achieved.
Are the specific settlements identified? Partial Evidence

Identifying prioritised settlements indicates the city government is making progress.

IDP/ BEPP 2019/20 review St Marrys, Mighty Hardware, Heavenly Valley and Bottom Compound, Princess Plot, Ebumnandini, Rugby Club, Lilly Bioscope and Slovo Park
Are projects prioritised according to NUSP technical support? Partial Evidence

There is a high likelihood that NUSP technical support to prioritised projects resulted in more detailed planning, and needs to be incorporated.

IDP/ BEPP 2019/20 review Mention of completion of projects that were prioritised according to NUSP Phases
# of sites delivered annually Strong Evidence

What is the actual number of serviced sites provided?

IDP 2019/20 Review 1200 service stands to be allocated to beneficiaries by June 2020
Is there an indication that NUSP (Department of Human Settlements) technical support to the city have been incorporated into planning? Partial Evidence

NUSP/HDA technical support was provided to all cities (and many other municipalities).

IDP/ BEPP 2019/20 review Mention of completion of projects according to NUSP Phases
% of target reached in 2016/17 No Evidence

What is the percentage of actual vs. target sites delivered?

National Treasury evaluation, 2016 16%
Does the strategy mention national government / MSTF targets towards 2019? Strong Evidence

In 2015 the National Department of Human Settlements committed to upgrade 750,000 informal settlement households. Does the city take these targets into account?

National Treasury evaluation, 2016; IDP 2019/20 Review 95,225 households by 2019. Target was not achieved - Deficit of approximately 60000.

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