The Data Index presents our analysis of eight cities’ strategies and plans to improve informal settlements and backyards.

Backyarder Support Plan

Aims to improve the living conditions of citizens living in the backyards of rental stock of a city. This strategy includes the improvement of access to municipal services as well as the identification of vacant land that could be used for infill housing projects.

  • Nature and extend of backyarders
  • Council adopted Backyarder Support Strategy
  • Relevance of backyarder support plan
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Does the council have an official backyarder upgrading strategy?
# of people living in backyards
% of municipal population
What services are provided to backyarder shacks?
Has a department been assigned to take responsibility for the strategy?
# HH living in backyards
2001 - 2011 Backyarder Growth Rate
% of Provincial total