The Data Index presents our analysis of eight cities’ strategies and plans to improve informal settlements and backyards.

ISU Strategy

Aims to create a coordinated approach to informal settlement upgrading in order to gradually implement strategic upgrading programmes, which promote security of tenure and improve living conditions through the access to well-located land, adequate shelter, and services.

  • Nature and extent of informal settlements
  • Council adopted ISU Strategy
  • Housing and upgrading targets
  • Alignment with municipal budgets
  • Rapid assessment and categorisation of informal settlements completed
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Viewing results for: 2021/2022

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BCM cct emm eth jhb mmm nmb tsh
Is there a clear breakdown of budgets reserved for informal settlement upgrading in the city's capital budget?
What percentage of municipal capital budget is reserved for upgrading informal settlements?
Does the budget align with the municipal targets for upgrading informal settlements?
Has a systematic assessment and categorisation of informal settlements been carried out?
Is the rapid assessment and categorisation an appropriate response to the nature and extent of informality?
Is there a clear statement of the assessment and categorisation of informal settlements?
Does the council have an official informal settlements upgrading strategy?
Has a department been assigned to take responsibility for the strategy?
Is the essence of the upgrading strategy upfront apparent?
Is the city council's adopted strategy appropriate response to the scale of informality?
How many houses are delivered per annum?
Timeframe to eradicate backlog conventionally (years)
Is there a clear indication of the extent of housing demand/ backlog?
# of IS (smallest unit defined)
# of people living in informal settlements
Annual IS growth rate
% of municipal population
% of Provincial total
# HH living in informal settlements