The Data Index presents our analysis of eight cities’ strategies and plans to improve informal settlements and backyards.

Forward Planning and Land

Councils release land for the better utilisation of its immoveable property assets in order to meet governmental strategic objectives and community needs, whilst changing the picture of land ownership and readdressing the imbalances of past property ownership. The Urban Network Strategy (UNS) adopted by National Treasury is based on spatial targeting of land development, in order to maximise public investment. The UNS consists of Integration Zones which are prioritised spatial focus areas meant to promote efficient, inclusive, and sustainable forms of urban development.

  • Land release strategy
  • Informal settlements land strategy
  • Making town to township links through focused investment
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Is there evidence that projects have been prioritized in other marginalized residential areas (not identified as informal settlements)?
Is there an indication that priority informal settlement upgrading projects are located in the city's urban network strategy?
Is there evidence that the majority of priority informal settlement upgrading projects are located in the urban network?
Have risks of unlawful land occupations been identified?
What is the nature of the land strategy with regards to informal settlement upgrading?
Has a department / service provided been identified to take responsibility of the strategy?
Does the city council have a land release strategy in place? Or is there a strategy being compiled?
What are the components of the land release strategy?
Is there a clear indication that the city government has adopted a land strategy with regards to informal settlements?